Female Sober Living: 6 Unique Challenges Women Face

The Women’s Home program is designed to extend an affordable, treatment-focused environment, continuing the work begun in primary treatment. Kaley is the Director of Operations at Friendly House managing the day to day functionality of the facility. A British native, and alumnus of Friendly House, she has a profound love and respect sober house for the program and its mission. In 2014, Kaley began working in the field of recovery specializing in helping women suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. She has been a part of the Friendly House family as a resident, Grateful Heart, residential/detox technician, operations manager and now as Director of Operations.

It provides another layer of support and structure that helps prevent relapse after treatment ends. Sober livings that are designed specifically for women often provide an atmosphere of comfort and focus where women can do the work of recovery and healing, together. While every woman’s recovery from substance abuse addiction treatment is unique, certain factors such as relationship dynamics, family responsibilities, and emotional and physical wellness tend to resonate more in our female clients. As such, our women’s sober living homes are designed to deal with a variety of emotional, physical, and interpersonal concerns with the utmost care and sensitivity. Females battling drug abuse and addiction are highly likely to have a history of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. In fact, about 3 in 4 drug-addicted women have experienced sexual abuse and/or emotional abuse in their lifetime.

Dr. Stacy Cohen, Medical Doctor Board Certified in Addiction

Transcend understands that women have unique needs and concerns when it comes to their recovery and that for many, gender specific women’s sober living is a crucial element of a successful aftercare program. Our women’s sober living homes in Los Angeles and Texas provide a space for women to heal and grow. With the deep belief in the transformative power of sisterhood and community, our women’s sober living specific programming helps every woman gain independence, balance, and strength in recovery.

  • Chris has worked as a business development professional in the addiction treatment industry since 2009.
  • In fact, sober living programs are an essential step to a full continuum of care.
  • Kaley is the Director of Operations at Friendly House managing the day to day functionality of the facility.
  • Alina Lodge sent her to Eating Disorder Conferences at Renfrew ED Treatment Center.
  • Residents align themselves with successful women in the recovery community, who have sustained long-term sobriety.

Jane received her master’s degree in Clinical Counseling from Centenary University in 2022. While attending her master’s program, she worked with substance use disorders at the partial-hospitalization and intensive-outpatient levels of care prior to completing a five-month clinical internship at Alina Lodge. Prior to her transition into the field of counseling, Jane worked for 10 years as a licensed massage therapist.

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These gender differences, and many more, pose unique challenges for women trying to live sober. To enable more individuals to access addiction treatment services, Elite|Empower provides sober housing rent credits to women who attend our programs. She is passionate about working with those that identify as female and non-binary.

Our homes are centrally located in lovely Kennesaw, GA and offer easy access to Kennesaw State University, Marietta, Atlanta and all the work and school opportunities in those locations. The Sobriety Experience provides gender specific housing for women and men in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. To learn more about the features and benefits of Creekside Recovery Residences, please contact us today. We look forward to answering all your questions and helping you determine if our women’s sober living residence in Atlanta, Georgia, is the perfect place for you. The Women’s Home, Inc. is located in a vibrant Arlington, Virginia neighborhood, near the Virginia Hospital Center, convenient to public transportation. The Home is a three-story, single-family, detached home with approximately 4800 square feet of living space.

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We serve women— daughters, sisters, wives and mothers—who need structure and professional support in early recovery to build a solid basis for sustained sobriety. Elite Recovery is happy to announce that it offers affordable sober housing for women actively involved in Empower Outpatient Therapy. I have been involved with Peggy Albrecht Friendly House, in different capacities, for the past several years. Peggy Albrecht Friendly House’s historic mission, to help woman recover from the deadly disease of alcoholism and addiction, is extremely close to my heart.